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about the middle east

The Middle East is the geographic region where Europe, Africa, and Asia meet. It is an unofficial and imprecise term that now generally encompasses the lands around the southern and eastern shores of The Mediterranean Sea—notably Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria—as well as Iran, Iraq, and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

Climatically, the Middle East ranges from the temperate Mediterranean coast, to the extreme heat of the arid desert areas, to snowy mountains. This variety of terrain allows for a varieties food and natural resources.

 Qatar is emerging as one of the most dynamic economies in the Middle East. It has the highest per capita income in the world and enjoys one of the fastest growing GDPs, reaching 13.3% real GDP, and valued in 2008 at over US $80 billion. The economy is rapidly expanding in every sector and industry. A combination of government investment and the participation of multi-national companies is creating a culture of endless opportunity.

our middle east service offering

MPC Recruitment is professionally equipped and a well-structured service provider, built on the successful methodology and operating principles of the MPC Recruitment Group.

MPC Recruitment is able to offer expat candidates from various industry principals. Our team have over 12 years’ experience recruiting for companies in the Middle East and able to run large campaigns to service the recruitment requirements for our clients. We ensure a quick turnaround time for our clients and assist candidates with their process in relocating abroad.

With our professional International recruitment desk we make recruitment a breeze for our clients.

If you are interested in MPC assisting you with recruitment in the Middle East, please contact Shearidan Rabsch 011 706 9042 / shearidanr@mpc.co.za

mpc in the middle east

Over the past year MPC has achieved great results in the supply of outsource services to some of the largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) companies as well as oil and gas conglomerates. MPC has been able to offer global staffing solutions within the following sectors:

• ICT • Petrochemicals • Construction
• Freight and Shipping • Automotive • Legal
• Manufacturing • Mining • Accounting
• Telecommunications • Electronics • Hospitality
• Entertainment • Healthcare • Sports